The “Lay Servant Ministries”of the UMC is a system of leadership development for people who are professing members of the United Methodist Churches (“lay” refers to anyone who is not clergy). It goes way beyond filling in for the pastor or speaking in public. Teaching, serving, training, leading, participating, caring,loving and communicating are now integral parts of the Lay Servant Ministries. How “Lay Servants” can help congregations fulfill our mission “to make disciples and transform the world” is limited only by our imagination and openness to creative Spirit of God!

TO BECOME A LOCAL Lay Servant or to renew your certification as a Local Lay Servant, you must be a member of a United Methodist Church, complete the “Basic Class”, and have the recommendation of your pastor and Administrative Board/Council or Church Conference.

TO BECOME A CERTIFIED LAY Servant or to renew your certification as a Certified Lay Servant, you need to fulfill the requirements of a Local Lay Speaker and complete at least one additional class (“Advanced Class”> every three years.


Click Here for a current listing of Certified Lay Servant Ministers who are able to use as pulpit supply or guest speakers